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Negotiations Update 3

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Negotiations Survey Review

The Opener

Negotiations Survey Review

A special mahalo to all of you who completed the AFA Negotiations Survey and/or attended a roadshow meeting. Your comments and suggestions were valuable in helping us formulate our priorities for the upcoming negotiations. The respondents were a good cross-section of our Flight Attendant group. Your responses indicated that wages, work rules, and retirement are essential goals in these negotiations.

The Opener

The Negotiating Committee is finalizing AFA’s opening proposal to the company (the “Opener”). This Opener will serve as the blueprint for discussion at the bargaining table. The committee will be meeting with the Master Executive Council (MEC) the week of October 25th to review the survey results and present the Opener. The MEC must approve the Opener, in accordance with the AFA Constitution & Bylaws. The MEC is comprised of the following members:

Master Executive Council (MEC)

MEC Officers

Sharon Soper - MEC President

Scott Henton – MEC Vice President

Joni Kashiwai – MEC Secretary/Treasurer

LEC Presidents

Jaci-Ann Chung - HNL LEC President

Melissa Hooper - LAX LEC President

Our email address is open and available for questions, comments, or suggestions. Our address is

Mahalo from the Negotiating Committee,

Sharon Soper, Diana Huihui, Ka'imi Lee, Martin Gusman, Jeff Fuke and

Paula Mastrangelo, AFA Senior Staff Negotiator


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