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Boeing 787-9 Ratification Bonus

Great news! Ben is on his way!

Dear Fellow Flight Attendant:

We're happy to report that the Boeing 787 Agreement ratification bonus will be distributed on Tuesday, July 24th. So who gets it?

  • All Flight Attendants who had In-flight W-2 wages in 2017

  • Flight Attendants who came online in 2018 and were eligible to vote by July 10th

We will receive approximately 3% of our 2017 In-Flight W-2 wages (less 2017's per diem and profit sharing) with no less than a $200 minimum bonus pay out. Of course, this is all before the 22% tax rate for bonuses.

The Company and our 401(k) contributions will be a part of this bonus.

What about the other provisions?

A few of the items in the Boeing 787 Agreement were to begin after ratification. Below is our working timeline for these items.

  • Crew Rest – requires changes in the IFM

  • Flight Deck Entry/Exit Security Procedure – requires changes in the IFM

  • Additional Crew Rest Station – requires reservation system changes

  • Crew Meals – A committee will be set up and we anticipate talks starting in September

As you can see, the first three items require FAA approval, which takes about 4 weeks. We will keep you posted.

Our next bargaining session is the week of August 6-10, in Honolulu, Hawai’i.


The Negotiating Committee


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