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Negotiations Update 34

Negotiations Update

Dear Hawaiian Flight Attendants:

Mahalo to everyone who voted on the Boeing 787 TA ratification! Inflight is working on the final implementation pieces: onboard rest, flight deck entry procedure, extra crew rest seats, and starting up the crew-meal committee. We anticipate those items being in place in about 3 weeks. Now we can refocus on contract negotiations.

Recap from the July session:

The 787 negotiations ate up a lot of time. We wanted to get negotiations back on track and gave management a revised proposal listing all remaining non-economic items. Management responded this week to our comprehensive proposal.

We. Were. Disappointed.

The company’s team presented a scattered response at the start of this month’s session. Some of their proposals were outrageous and gutted sacred and hard-won provisions in our contract, including eliminating ER rest and excluding ROA as part of Duty Time.

We are taking a serious look at how we move forward and reevaluating our approach.

We are not where we should be.

Overall, we are not where we should be in these negotiations given the maturity of our contract and Hawaiian’s strong financial position. Management’s responses to our proposals indicate that they are seeking a cost-neutral agreement in the areas of scheduling and vacation.

Nevertheless, important progress was made in the area of Safety and Employee Assistance (EAP). We were able to negotiate provisions which are better than those of the three legacy carriers in supporting Flight Attendants in the event of serious incidents. Mahalo Robin for your assistance in making this possible.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for September 5-12, in Honolulu, Hawai’i. As a reminder, our email address is open and available for questions, comments, or suggestions. Our address is

Mahalo from the Negotiating Committee,

Sharon Soper, Diana Huihui, Ka'imi Lee, Martin Gusman, Jeff Fuke and Paula Mastrangelo, AFA Senior Staff Negotiator


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