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Negotiations Update 10

Company Sick Leave Issues


The Company has been experiencing a problem with high levels of Flight Attendant sick calls since last year. Sick leave usage was particularly high during weekends and holidays. The Company had hoped that sick leave usage would return to a more manageable level in 2017, but it continued to increase. This has resulted in recalls, understaffed flights, and disruptions in the operation.

Vacation Cancellation

Management intended to cancel vacations in June and July as provided by Section 18.L.6. of the Contract. The AFA met with Robin Sparling (VP In-Flight), Dan Herring (Managing Director of Crew Planning & Scheduling), and Colin Beard (Director, Crew Planning) to work out alternatives to this drastic plan.

We believe we reached a compromise that is less disruptive to your lives. If you have already been awarded a vacation period for June or July it will not be canceled. The Company will not be awarding any additional vacation during those months. We have maintained your ability to utilize pop-up trip bank vacation and have extended the deadline to cash out vacation for June and July. Please note that pop-up trip bank hours will be limited to 1,500 credit hours per month. The total number of pop-up trip bank

hours that are utilized will be posted and updated on the IFS web site. The Company will increase the amount of pop-up trip bank if there is a reduction in the amount of Flight Attendant sick leave utilization.

Sick Leave Procedure

Management has implemented two procedures for calling in sick in order to address suspected abuse. The automated sick call system is no longer available and Flight Attendants must speak to the Inflight Absence Management Team. This team will continue to track Flight Attendants who have called in sick four or more times on trips that touch weekends (Friday through Sunday) between January 1st. – April 30th.

Those in this group were notified in writing that their next weekend sick call would require a doctor’s note.

Is all this allowed under our Contract?

So far, all the provisions implemented are allowable under our Contract to address suspected sick leave abuse (Section 19.I.). The MEC is monitoring the situation to ensure that all Contract provisions are respected and that Flight Attendants’ rights are upheld.

This is separate from the Sick Leave Monitor Program in our Contract.

As a reminder, our email address is open and available for questions, comments, or suggestions. Our address is

Mahalo from the Negotiating Committee,

Sharon Soper, Diana Huihui, Ka'imi Lee, Martin Gusman, Jeff Fuke and

Paula Mastrangelo, AFA Senior Staff Negotiator


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