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How important is voting “FOR” a strike?

Over the last few months your MEC and the MOB have asked you to do several things to show your support for negotiations. You have been asked to read the updates, attend meetings, picket, use the red pens, bag tags, and wear your red AFA pin. Voting “FOR” a strike is more important than all of those. Voting “FOR” a strike is the best way to ensure there will not be a strike. A strong strike vote will show management that we mean business. They need to understand the only alternative to giving us the contract that we deserve is to deal with a flight attendant strike.

A low or failed strike vote does just the opposite. If less than an overwhelming percentage vote “FOR” a strike, management knows the alternative to giving us the contract we deserve is giving us the contract that management has planned for us. A bad strike vote is good news for management. A low or failed strike vote tells management that we are willing to accept concessions in 401(k) contributions and increase cost-sharing of medical insurance premiums that negate any increase in pay, and give up hard won contract provisions.

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