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Who can vote, how will I get my ballot and vote, and how do I get a new activation code?

All dues-paying members in good standing are eligible to vote. This includes probationary Flight Attendants who are paying dues (dues begin with your fourth month of employment). Please note that you must be current with your dues in order to be in good standing. Information about your dues (including making payments) may be found on the Membership Services page of the AFA-CWA web site, or you may contact Kerri Chow, HNL Local Council 43 Secretary, to inquire about your membership standing or any outstanding dues obligation.

Voting is done via an electronic secret ballot. You will not receive a physical ballot; instead, an activation code with voting instructions will be mailed to your mailing address on file with the AFA. The activation code will then allow you to create a single-use electronic ballot to submit your vote. You may either vote online or by telephone.

If you need a new Activation Code or technical assistance, you may call the Ballot Help Line at 800-424-2401, press 1 then ext. 706. The Ballot Help Line is only open M-F, 0930 to 1700 ET.


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