Hawaiian Airlines has been very good to me! Why should I vote “FOR” in the Strike Vote?

Hawaiian Airlines has been very good to me by providing good pay, good work rules, great schedule flexibility, and I’m grateful for all of those things! Why should I vote “FOR” in the Strike Vote?

The pay, work rules and schedule flexibility that we all enjoy today are all things that were negotiated by the AFA. They are not gifts from management to the Flight Attendants. The AFA and the Hawaiian Flight Attendants worked very hard over many, many years to get the contract to where it is today. During difficult times when the company lost money, the Flight Attendants gave back on wages, work rules, and schedule flexibility – sometimes just to keep the company going. Hawaiian Airlines has been profitable for many years and is doing well, but management wants us to give back again. By voting “FOR” the Strike Vote you will be standing with your fellow Flight Attendants and the AFA who have worked so hard to get the contract where it is today, and who are working hard on improving it today, particularly while the company is profitable.

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