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Peter Ingram Re: 787-9 TA Ratification

No 787-9 TA Ratification, No 787-9 Purchase


July 4, 2018

​Dear Fellow Flight Attendant:

The AFA received a letter from Peter Ingram, Hawaiian Airlines President & CEO, explaining that the company would not purchase the 787-9 from Boeing if the 787-9 Tentative Agreement was not ratified by the Flight Attendants. Peter explains in his attached letter why Hawaiian Airlines would not proceed with the purchase without Flight Attendant ratification.

What does this mean? If the tentative agreement is not ratified the company will not purchase the 787-9. If the tentative agreement is ratified, the company will purchase 10 Boeing 787-9s.

Is this a change in the company’s position? Peter maintains that his position has never changed. Unfortunately, that same position was not communicated to the AFA by middle-management. There was clearly a breakdown in their communication with us.

Now we need to move forward together to complete our regular negotiations and secure those improvements that we know are the truly important issues for our new Contract. We, as your Union Leadership, recommend that you vote “FOR” the 787-9 Tentative Agreement. The 787 will secure our careers at Hawaiian and expand our horizons. This could be a game-changer for our company. The 787-9 will enable Hawaiian to explore new markets and fly significantly farther than we do today. The aircraft will provide a healthier work environment for us.

As a reminder voting closes on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 0900 HST. If you haven’t received your ballot please contact the AFA Ballot Help Line at 800-424-2401, between the hours of 0930-1700 Eastern Daylight Time. Press 1, then extension 706.

In Solidarity,

The Master Executive Council

The Negotiating Committee


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