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Negotiations Update 28

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Negotiations

Dear Hawaiian Flight Attendants:

Today, after four weeks of meetings with management about the B787‑9, we are writing to inform you that we have not reached an agreement on the new aircraft. We will resume negotiations on the B787‑9 in our next scheduled session beginning on May 14th.

The agreement on the new aircraft must be reached before we resume Section 6 negotiations because of Hawaiian’s self‑imposed timeline of reaching agreements with both the pilots and Flight Attendants before finalizing their agreement with Boeing.

The Negotiating Committee does not release specific details of ongoing talks due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of each party’s proposals and positions change over time. Keep in mind we are committed to protecting the Flight Attendant work group and the work that we all do.

As a reminder, our email address is open and available for questions, comments, or suggestions. Our address is

Mahalo from the Negotiating Committee,

Sharon Soper, Diana Huihui, Ka'imi Lee, Mar n Gusman, Jeff Fuke and

Paula Mastrangelo, AFA Senior Staff Negotiator

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