Negotiating Committee

Sharon Soper

MEC President

Diana Huihui

Negotiating Committee Chairperson 53 years of service, Kailua, HI What you enjoy most about your career: As a flight attendant I relish the flexibility of my work schedule. I enjoy flying and working with colleagues who have become my friends and having the opportunity to explore and experience worldwide destinations with them. Why you applied for the Negotiating Committee: I believe I will be able to make a contribu-tion to the committee given my years of experience. I truly care about our membership and want them to have the best opportunities.

Ka'imi Lee

Negotiating Committee Member 33 years of service, Honolulu, HI What you enjoy most abour your career: I love the flexibility of schedule the most. Believe it or not, I actually DO love people and love to travel, go figure. Why you applied for the Negotiating Committee: I applied because I thought I had some skills and insight from past negotiations that could benefit our work group. The AFA has given me the ability to make a career out of this job. By establishing work rules, benefits and de-cent pay, the Union has given me a profession from which I can build my life. This is my small opportunity to give back and to help others.

Martin Gusman

Negotiating Committee Member 31 years of service, Aiea, HI What you enjoy most about your career: The things I like most about my career are (in no particular order) the schedule flexibility, the compensation, and my friends and co-workers. The first two items were negotiated by the AFA. Why you applied for the Negotiating Committee: I feel a certain level of responsibility to give back to the flight attendant group as a whole and the AFA.

Jeff Fuke

Negotiating Committee Member 10 years of service, Hilo, HI What you enjoy most about your career: Flight Attendants can enjoy a great quality of life. I like coming to work and talking story with passengers and coworkers. The schedule flex-ibility is unbeatable. And the travel benefit is great, especially living on an island. Why you applied for the Negotiating Committee: I want to learn about the negotiations pro-cess: how it works, why our contract reads the way it does, what we can do as a group to continue enjoying its incredible protections. Hopefully, my life and work experiences will con-tribute to the process in a productive way.

Paula Mastrangelo

AFA Senior Staff Negotiator 1,000,000 years of service, Raleigh, NC Oh my gosh! Paula is totally amazing and has been doing this for a million years at thousands of properties! Paula is well known for her calmness and understatements.

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