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Boeing 787-9 Agreement

Boeing 787-9 TA Ratification Voting Results

The Boeing 787-9 New Equipment Tentative Agreement has been ratified.

700 votes FOR (79%)

188 votes AGAINST (21%)

Thank you for your participation in this important process!

Updated July 10, 2018

View Roadshow Meeting Videos

June 21st Honolulu Meeting

Updated June 25, 2018

Roadshow Meetings& Lounge Sits

Roadshow Meetings were held in Los Angeles on June 14, and in Honolulu on June 21 and 26.

Lounge Sits: Members of the Negotiating Committee were in the HNL Lounge on weekdays from Monday, June 25, through Friday, July 6, from 1000-1500.

Download the Tentative Agreement Summary & Letter of Agreement

Boeing 787-9 Tentative Agreement Summary

This summary is ordered by provisions that take effect on the date of ratification followed by provisions that take effect with the delivery of the new aircraft.

Boeing 787-9 Letter of Agreement

This is the full text of the New Equipment Boeing 787-9 Letter of Agreement, including full contractual language.

Important Voting Information

  • You can only vote once and you cannot change your vote

  • Once you obtain your Activation Code in the mail, Click on the Vote button below

  • Ballot Help Line:  800-424-2401  Press 1, then extension 706

    • Ballot Help Line Hours:  M-F, 0930-1700 EDT (​6 hours ahead of HI)

  • AFA Voting Web Site:

  • Polls Open: June 19 at 0600 HST

  • Polls Close: July 10 at 0900 HST

  • Who can vote?

  • Any AFA member in good standing on active Status

  • New Hires who graduated training by March 10, 2018 and who will obtain 4 months seniority by July 10, 2018

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